“You don't save lives in recruitment but you can positively change them”

About me

 As a trusted recruitment partner to technology companies from small digital agency start-ups to global social platform providers, I use my expertise alongside innovative methods to reduce the time to hire, accelerating the hiring process, connecting clients and candidates together with minimal impact saving valuable time and money. 
I have been recruiting into the digital sector since day one of my recruitment career and during this journey I have made it my mission to fully immerse myself in my market in order to have in-depth technical knowledge to separate myself from the buzz word recruiters. This allows me to deliver complex requirements to key stakeholders and hiring managers and understanding the technology they are using on their projects, why they are using it and going out and finding these people with confidence. 
What you can expect.......
The digital world has taught me clients and candidate relationships take time, for the right solution to be achieved there has to be an investment upfront to qualify the requirements. Recruitment isn’t about volume. It is about quality. It is about efficiency. It is about delivery.
I am here for the long game, to develop successful partnerships, communities and more importantly my recruiter reputation whilst evolving with the digital industry I love being a part of.
• I have a thirst for knowledge.
• With a relentless work ethic
• To achieve consistent results
To me great recruitment should be effortless… engaged parties communicating effectively to discuss requirements and projects rather than job specifications.

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Specialisms: Technology & Digital, UK & Europe

T: 0161 870 2131
M: 07753 234170

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