“I am more than a healthcare recruiter. As a qualified nurse, I understand"

About Me:

As a nurse, outside of knowledge, patient care is what defines a great nurse, the empathy in a difficult situation, the ability to see beyond the current ‘problem’ to try all avenues, thinking logically and sometimes creatively is exactly how I approach my recruitment assignments. 

I avoid the trend of emailing instead of calling, relationships are built on trust, and trust is earned over time. To fully appreciate the needs of the client or candidate, the time has to be invested to discover true solutions. It is how I create clients. 

What you can expect from Antonio…

‘If there is a ‘style’ in recruitment, mine is about results. My objective is simple, get my clients the candidates they want. And vice versa. It is as simple as that.’  

I know good healthcare too, what it looks like, feels like, I know what it takes to make people happy, content, satisfied, I am to provide that same level of recruiting service that made me proud of being a nurse. I like to deliver, I like to be effective. 

  • Logic combined with process, energy and a smile
  • Deep understanding of the positions I recruit 
  • A lover of life 

“Yes, I am a Recruiter, but this is personal”

Ultimately my reputation will be built on my success, fully focussed across Ireland, with my goal that clients and candidates know I help them get the results they need, and that comes from delivering fast, effectively and efficiently. 

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Specialisms: Care Home, Health Care, Ireland

T: 0161 870 2131
M: 00385995209006

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