Each specialist recruiter have become ‘subject matter experts’ through years of successfully recruiting in their specific sector.

By working together with your recruiter you’ll discover that even though they may not be Engineers or Accountants, our specialists know almost as much about their industry as the clients and candidates they represent.

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As a nurse, outside of knowledge, patient care is what defines a great nurse, the empathy in a difficult situation and the ability to see beyond the current ‘problem’.

Specialisms: Care Home, Health Care, Ireland

T:0161 870 2131

Some Questions We Get Asked

What’s the difference between a Seriously Connected recruiter and a recruitment agency?

How do I know how experienced each recruiter is in my field?

As a Hiring Manager who agrees the terms and conditions?

Who controls the invoicing, credit control and ensures payment are made?

How do I find the right recruiter?

How do I get started?

We are different

Re.defining recruitment

We are growing every day with new experts joining all the time, if you don’t see a recruiter of choice drop us a line, it is likely we can still help you.

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